‘We Are Here’ 2018


Kingston Art Group has always been around, well at least since 1989. An organisation formed from a need to have studio space it continues to be where artists make work collectively; independent practice under the same roof. Since 1989 Kingston Art Group has provided over 100 artists with space to work, currently operate 32 studio spaces in 2 buildings, has 30 associate members and between 2010 and 2018 ran Kingston Art Gallery on Humber Street.

Kingston Art Group is and always has been immersed in the very ordinary world of art making, is not an activist in the constantly shifting political and economic cultural landscape or primarily concerned with exhibiting work. This doesn’t mean that group members don’t aspire to and contribute to all of the above; in fact its the individual artists/members whose energy keep things moving and generate important opportunities like this exhibition, to get work out of studios and onto gallery walls.

We Are Here is a gentle reminder, representing work from studio and associate members and has been curated by Anna Bean and Jon Keen.